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Originally Posted by jeffw@sc47 View Post
QUESTION > What switches are you planning to use for your lights (the larger circular), are they a push button?
Yes they are an on/off push button. An anti-vandal type of illuminated LED ring (or dot). The idea is from RV6/6A builder John Bridges (JackW - VAF) from downunder (OZ). Here is an image of his panel which I REALLY liked.

Not positive about the Master and Alt. switches. I think these need to be rated for load and I'm not sure if these push buttons can handle the master/Alt loads, hence the toggle. This will be my next round of questions in the "electrical systems" section after more research. John stated that his switches were "DPDT with a separate circuit for the LED ring. LED can be lit for either switch on or off. These switches are only rated at 3A@250V but that isn't a problem here because they are connected to a VP-X so only grounding a circuit to earth for the VP-X. The issue with that is I needed a separate power supply for the LED rings. Not a big deal with the VP-X though. The switches are IP67 rated."

An example of the switch I'm looking at is and are rated 3A@12VDC. I'm trying to find a dual color button. White for off / Red, Blue, Green colors (depending on function) for on.

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