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For what its worth I tend to look at most things from a reliability and future maintenance standpoint and I believe it easy for new owners and builders to get all wrapped around all the cool gadgets one can install these days (I see this quite often).

So when you have an electronic flight control, rigging now becomes critical and surface position is now dependant on an "inexpensive" position sensor with somewhat questionalble repeatability. When I put the flaps up I just want them up, and I prefer a hard stop to a electronic position sensor. Secondly when the flaps quit someday (and they will), troubleshooting becomes much more difficult and time consuming with an electronic control system, not a good thing especially if you're away from home.

So in summary I'm a big believer in the KISS principle, I think the flaps are a good example of how to make a really simple system more complicated, with minimal reward.

PS: Asking question is great, but you better have your big boy pants on when you do, this can be a rough crowd, everyone means well, we just don't all agree.
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