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Default Thank you

Sorry about all the family pictures and not many flying pictures. I have more technical write-ups on each area already. I guess, I take more pictures of the kids in the plane than just the plane now. I am enjoying exploring with them as much as flying the -10.

Originally Posted by Danny King View Post
Thanks for taking us along on your trip this summer. Great pictures. Your daughters are too cute. What a great experience for them at such a tender age!
Thanks Danny. We do realize that we are in a special age where we have our summers still free and they are not tied down with sports, school and friends. We have watched almost all our friends lose their summer freedom as their kids get older, and we are going to fight that as much as we can. Hopefully our kids just want to be pilots, like to camp and explore, don't like boys or sports and don't have any friends.

Originally Posted by Scott Chastain View Post
Thank you, Scott, for sharing with us the flying joys of your beautiful family! Having no family of my own, I sincerely appreciate and admire your role as father, husband, pilot, and tour guide as you venture with the ladies in your life to some very interesting spots. You are truly blessed. Thanks so much for sharing!
Thank you. I do feel lucky and I don't take any of it for granted.

Originally Posted by Guy Prevost View Post
Thanks for taking the time to write that up Scott! Another fantastic trip(s) report. Your trip reports were instrumental in our decision to make the switch from an 8 to a 10 once the kids arrived. Maybe we'll try and join you guys in Mexico some time! That and Smiley/Johnson are way up on our list.
Definitely, we need to talk. Next year we need to get together on a flying trip, it was fun seeing you guys at Oshkosh. Your always welcome to visit Utah.

Originally Posted by NovaBandit View Post
Fantastic writeup! Can't wait to hear about (and join in) on this years adventures!!!
Yup, lets get J/C on the schedule. I feel bad we missed you guys last year.

Originally Posted by TroyBranch View Post
Really nice write up Scott. Lots of great pics. You have always made great use of the Ten. It is a plane that is hard to beat.
Hard to believe it has been over 10 years now since the first flight. We are getting where you guys are with kids. It is easier and easier to plan a trip and go.
When it was just RaNae and I, it was about the journey as much or more than the destination. With really little kids it is all about the destination and the journey is kind of a pain. Now that they are getting older, we are all enjoying the journey again. Flying is getting more fun and I worry less about their ears, bumps and all the things we have to remember to bring when they are little kids.
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