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Default Flaps - Too long?

Flap parts longer than Plans?

DWG 9 shows a distance of 10 1/2" from the Flap TE to the Hinge CL with reference to the fuselage datum. Trig that to the vertical displacement and you get ~10 19/32" as the length measured directly from TE to the Hinge CL.

Putting the (supplied) FL-302 (Spar) and FL-303 (Outboard Rib) into FL-301 (Skin), and adding the hinge as per Plans gave a distance about 5/32" more'. Paul Dye seems to have come across supporting evidence of this RV-3B - Fiddling with Flaps
With the ailerons mounted per plans, and measuring so, we discovered that the flaps were sticking out close to a quarter inches beyond the ailerons.
Solution(s)? Paul describes how he tackled it in the above link. Being a SB, we could try to tackle it closer to source, and moved the Flap Spar back ~2/32", and trimmed the hinge / skin / positioning and got another 2/32". Assembled the distance is 10 20/32" i.e. we seem to have "removed" 4/32" of the 5/32" error... but will only know when we fit ailerons to the wing.

Request(s) for Info: Can others let me know / post here and I'll edit into this post, this measurement for their Flaps, esp QB ones.

Follow up(s)
[Andy Hill Apr 2010] We have built the Flaps with the direct distance of Flap TE to Hinge CL = 10 20/32". Will update when Flaps/Ailerons/Wings all fitted as to how TEs line up
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