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Holy rusty and dusty threads, Batman.


It is a company called AC Air Technology in California. I have been following their products for 3 years and finally ordered one at OSH 2017. They are a bit pricey but after spending an hour talking to the company owner Anthony and delving into the details I could see the value based on comprehensive engineering and first rate workmanship, materials, electronics and materials all combined into a quality and robust product.

I could resist no longer and sprung for one of my own at their display tent. There is no denying that the energy and rarefied air of OSH was a contributing factor. Anthony and his daughter Jennifer were extremely nice and accommodating and have provided super responsive customer service. This isn't their only gig. Anthony is an engineer and successful entrepreneur and a multiple aicraft owner including experimental sport aircraft, warbirds and turbine helicopters. Even a Baby Lakes biplane. He designed the first AC TrackTech after becoming weary of ground maneuvering his Mooney in and out of its hangar and he couldn't find an existing product on the market that met his needs. So AC Air has the backing of Anthony's larger manufacturing enterprises and business savvy. That history and their customer support combined with talking to existing customers gave me the confidence I was buying the tug from a solid professional company. Usually things like this come down to the people involved as much as anything else and these are the type of folks I like hanging out with at airports and fly-ins. They could easily be assimilated into the T-Hangar Mafia.

When I got home from OSH I decided I wanted to change some details on my TrackTech order so I emailed Jennifer. Even though her and Anthony were on the road traveling home from OSH at the time they both emailed me back within an hour. They had already contacted the factory back in CA and cheerfully sent me verification of the order change. All before they got back to the office.

Mine should be delivered in a few weeks. I move a mix of tailwheel and nose draggers of varying sizes and weights in both in T-Hangars and within a maintenance shop so I chose the next size larger than the base model with provisions for Diamonds and Cirrus's. This could be a real time and hangar rash saver. In my estimation the less time spent with a Cirrus owner the better.

I realize this post might come across as an advertisement but I am just one of their many customers buying their product at the same price as any other customer. I feel I did appropriate due diligence prior to purchasing. That being said I will update this thread after delivery and use of my TrackTech. I can be just as critical as complimentary of the performance of products I buy and have low tolerance for regrets. Hence my penchant for homework prior to any sizeable purchase.


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