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You should be able to get your instrument ticket just fine with the Chelton system, with or without the 430. The only questionable thing is if you don't have a WAAS remote mount GPS, or a WAAS panel mount GPS from another company like Garmin, you can't just plan on flying actual WAAS approaches with the unit until you do. But that wouldn't stop you from doing your training with it. I'm also a proponent of training on steam gauges too, which would at least for a few hours in another aircraft be something very worthwhile...especially to give you some skills detached from EFIS use.

The Chelton owners have a forum to discuss their systems (non-public) and receive support, and through that, Chelton has been actively supporting the Experimental systems. They actively watch topics and offer assistance, which is kind of a rarity in today's times. The builder support is also excellent, and most any configuration / wiring / operation question can be quickly answered there.

Regarding TruTrak integration, once TruTrak came out with software version 2.24 on their DFIIVSGV and Sorcerer, and Chelton released 6.0A13 (or 16), the altitude offset issues are completely resolved for nearly all of the people and the performance feedback has been great. Getting a system to integrate to the TruTrak AP for Vertical control proved non-trivial, in part because TruTrak does not support high-speed ARINC, but there were also a few very minimal issues such as how a data word was rounded that caused some bad effects. Once the manufacturers hammered it out, it's been great. One lesser known fact is that when Garmin tried to integrate the G900 to the TruTrak, they had some issues too due to some of the same things as Chelton had to deal with.

I'll continue to encourage anyone interested in picking out any higher-end EFIS that is more than just a "6-pack replacement" to put forth the effort to go fly behind one, with someone knowledgeable to show them the system. If you're spending over $10-15K on an EFIS system, the couple hundred bucks it would cost you to jump on a plane for a day and fly with a system is peanuts.
Anything less than a demo flight and it just can't be an educated decision.

Good luck in your hunt!

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