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Default N104XP Panel

The Chelton's are my primary for everything except watching a movie. They are incredible. I have flown with the G1000 and really like the size of the screens but I like the HITS (Highway In The Sky) on the Chelton. I don't think Garmin is too far behind. I use the G430 as backup and load the exact same flight plan into the 430 as I do the Chelton but like others have mentioned the FMS screen on the Chelton makes it almost too easy. It is really slick. When ATC tells you to fly V496, you simply enter V496 and select the end point. The Garmin is not quite as easy.

The 430 is my primary com with the SL40 backup.

If you wanted to save money, go with the Grand Rapids and do what others have said, put the 496 in the panel with a 330 transponder. Traffic is really cool. I wish I did the SL30 and not the SL40. The SL30 links very nice with the Chelton. Someday I will switch it out.

Until you do a flight with the Chelton's linked to the VSGV autopilot you cannot appreciate how easy it makes it.
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