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Post With each step, corrosion resistance is a little better!

The first step is Cleaning the aluminum thoroughly, the next step is a thorough rinse with clean clear water as mineral free as possible.

The second is air drying and not re-contaminating.

The third could be either a) Alodine, or b) Wash Primer.

If you chose a) Alodine, it is better than nothing but should at least get a coat of primer on it for the interior. If exterior use a top coat too .

If you chose b) Wash Primer, (I use US Paints/Azko Nobel) then for interior structure all you have to do is put the wash primer on.

If you chose b) Wash Primer, and are doing a top coat, you will need to epoxy prime, and then add the top coat.

PPG, Azko Nobel, and Sherwin Williams all offer comparable processes.
Some are easier than others but all of these and maybe more have proven results when ALL the directions (process's) are followed.

Research, and ask around what other experiences are, and always remember, painting a whole airplane inside and out is a large and tedious task, it can also be rewarding. Best wishes,
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