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Default Alaska Kenai Peninsula 11-25-2017 Flight

Yesterday was clear and cold. Temp was +15 deg F, skies were clear, what a great day for flying.

My RV-6 is parked outside at PAEN (Kenai Alaska Airport). I made some covers for it, including an engine cover.

Arriving in the morning I spent 1.5 hours preheating and pre-flighting before a 11am take-off. Flew for 1.3 hours and decided to head back and get my camera (forgot my still photo camera-did have my Canon video recorder).

After a quick lunch and checking that the engine was still warm, took off and headed back to the Kenai Mountains to the East of Kenai.
Here are some of the photos I took with a close to setting sun, most photos were taken from 5500 MSL, the ones heading back to the West were taken from 6500 MSL.

Here is a screenshot of my Garmin Aera 660-it shows the route, time of flight, actual flight hours, and distance. At very top of screenshot is Anchorage Ted Stevens International Airport Airspace..

Attached is a photo heading East from Kenai towards the mountains. The road from Anchorage heads through these mountains as well. Road is 160 miles one way, while it is only 60-air miles to Anchorage.

Following are some of the other photos I took:

Here is a photo of the Kenai River and part of the Highway-far distance is a small town called Cooper Landing. Copper Landing is at the Lake at the far end of the valley-Kenai Lake.

Ok, turned around and now heading back to the West. One of my favorite mountain biking trails is along the lower right side of photo, a ten mile hill climb to the top of Devils Pass:

Looking to the Northwest you can see in the far distance Denali and Mt Foraker (approx. 190-200 miles away in the haze):

On the West side of Kenai is Cook Inlet, the Northern most part of the Pacific Ocean, the mountains in the far distance are on the West side of Cook Inlet, both of these are volcanos. Mt Redoubt to the North (right side of photo) has erupted twice since 1989. Lake in the background is Skilak Lake.

Real pretty day for flying!

Best regards,
Mike Bauer
Mike Bauer
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