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Originally Posted by steve murray View Post
"For water to get into the system you would almost have to drown your plane. "

Not an RV10, but on my RV-8, twice I have departed IFR out of Huntsville Alabama with heavy rain storm the night before to find my Autopilot acting crazy and I have attributed this to water in the static ports. (I am assuming on my RV-8 only one side of the static ports got water ingestion due to typical storm blowing water in one direction but it sure drove my autopilot crazy.)

I have now gotten into the practice of covering static ports during tie-down.

The RV-10 I am building will have alternate port and I plan to cover static ports during outside tie down

I was just about to mention the tropical storm aspect. In my 25 years of flying, I have had to pull the alternate static once on a Mooney and it was because it was parked outside during a tropical storm the night before. Shortly (within a minute) after takeoff the instruments were not telling the truth and I was in the clouds already. Very scarry moment and at the time I had about 100 hrs. Pulled the alternate static and all was well. For 15$, it will give me peace of mind.

Sorry do dig up an old thread, was reading back a little. Yes this is my first post. I have been reading for a few months and started my emp kit about a month ago.
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