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Default Last one

Originally Posted by NovaBandit View Post
The LAST one!

I really like mine, but the extra work caused be relocating the rudder cable attachment into the tunnel, the fact the I couldn't use the Aerosport rudder trim, and the lower price of the retrofit kit would have led me to choose the current kit over the one I have.

You should be good to go with this setup (including the Aerosport trim system).
Sorry Ed, but you can't claim that one any more. A buddy of mine just installed a full set from Paul about 3 months ago. It was installed about a week after he received it from Paul. Not sure how he got it from Paul but he did. Ed, you can still claim one of nicest -10's out there though. I am a frequent flyer to your build site. I was thinking about the retrofit kit but not sure if I can justify the cost.
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