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Originally Posted by rvanstory View Post
I think you and I are about the same stage in the build. I started my tail section in February and am about 2 weeks from completion. Finishing up tail cone now and then attach/fit all the tail feathers.

I originally ordered QB Wings and Fuse at same time as Emp Kit due to backlog. Later decided to cancel QB Fuse and change it to slow build. This is due to some soundproofing and mods I want to make. From what others on forum say, it's much too hard to make some changes to fuse after it's put together (removing riveted sections, etc...). As well as some builders posted that the fuse kit was the most enjoyable part of the build for them.

Also, lead time on QB kits (at that time) was 7 months! Assuming that's still true, if you order now, it'll be 2018 before you see either one of them. If you're approaching end of emp kit, you may have a lot of down time before any QB kits show up. A standard build kit only takes a few weeks to arrive. This lets me start work on fuse while I wait for wings. No down time with nothing to work on.
Thanks Randy. I'm not quite moving along as quickly as you are. I figure I'm about half way through the empennage, perhaps a bit less. Can I ask what you are planning to modify with respect to the fuselage that can't be done with the quickbuild? I'm aware of tunnel heat issues that some have complained about.

I hear you on the lead times for the qb's. I'm going to be away for two months this summer during which time I won't be building so the wait may be a little less important from my perspective. I've emailed Barb at Van's to see what they are saying with respect to this.
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