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Here are a few things that Iíll add to the list. I was a first time builder so I had a lot of obstacles to overcome.
1. Make sure you have enough wires pulled for your All your devices and devices you didnít plan for. Add the wires now for the rudder trim, even if youíre not planning on installing it now. If you decide you need the trim later, the wires will already be in place. Itís no fun removing the seats just to have to remove the side panels to pull wires.
2. Change the Vans Fuel Valve for the better Andair FS20x7t. Maybe go with Flex lines too?
3. I had trouble with high CHTís so I had to add a cowl flap, Itís something to think about, at least make room for now so if you need it later, the install would go smooth(er).
4. I cut my tunnel cover in 3rds . So itís not very difficult to get to the filter. I only need to remove the first cover. Screws are easily accessible.
5. Follow Brianís advice and remove the section of the seat rail (plastic insert) so you can remove your seats without removing the torque cover.
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