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I'm almost 4 yrs into my build and probably a couple thousand hours. I'm glad I did a slow build. I've enjoyed almost every rivet driven. There are a couple out there we will not discuss.

The past 12 months have been rough on our family, my wife was battling colon cancer. A few surgeries and lots of chemo and we are done. (all healed up and clear now).

With her out of work for a year I did some things in the build I probably would have just gone out and bought before. I did all of my interior upholstery sewing myself. I had very little money to put towards the -10 so I found creative and inexpensive ways to make upgrades.

- I made my own overhead console, learned a ton about fiberglass
- I made my own headliner fiberglass panels
- made rear window closeout trims, covered in pleather
- started, and have made great progress on wheel pants
- I did purchase aerosports 310 panel, made a few mods to it
- aerosport armrest with quadrant and all interior panels
- started wire runs. Six 3/4" conduit runs front to back.
- I'm committed to Dynon, still happy about that, and had already purchased ADAHRS, AP Servos, Pitot, ACK elt, aerosun landing/taxi/position, antennas, and various other components that should not be affected by new tech announced at this years Airventure and Oshkosh.

Now we are getting back on track and I'm working on financing to buy engine, prop, avionics and whatever is left to get er done.

I do still need the access hole for the tire pressure. Also need to upgrade to the better axle extensions. Tunnel access, and more tunnel cover splices done.

When I started my build I was barely a student pilot. Less than 10hrs. Did more flying in the past year than building and I'm now about to pass the 250 hr mark. Good things can come out of bad situations for sure.

One question to the group about rudder trim. Can a ground adjustable trim work on the -10? I could totally spend $100 and go out and get a servo and do the rudder trim tab mod at this point. I was just assuming I could install the aforementioned ground adjustable trim tab and be better off than doing nothing.
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Planning on (3)10" Dynon HDX, Garmin GTN 650 and PS Engineering Audio.

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