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Default Voltage normal, Amps high, electrical knowledge ZERO

I have been reading about bad voltage regulators for years. Yesterday on run up (4000 RPM) my amps went to 17. Voltage was normal...13.5. Reduced power to 1700 RPM and Amps were normal, -1 to -3. Bump up RPM to 2000 and the Amps were +2 to +4. Upon take off, Amps went to 16 and then gradually went down to +2. Stayed normal for one hour flight.

RV12 with All standard equipment turned on...strobe, auto pilot, radio (two headsets), single skyview touch panel. Back up battery and main battery were fully charged ( I assume they were since I had just flown for one hour). So my question this spike to 17 normal or an indication or issues to come?

(2)....what are the indications of a bad voltage regulator?

(3)...has moving the unit inside cockpit above pilots knees helped to prolong the life expectancy of the unit? (mine is still under the cowling)

(4)... Has it been proven that there is a better replacement regulator?
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