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[quote=RV6_flyer;1150096]How long ago did you get the switchbox?

I received it in August 2015 and started having problems in November, 3 months later. At first the response from Phillip was good, but he was never able to resolve the problems with the box not responding to text or phone call.

Since I posted he has sent me another email that said:

"Your box is NOT eligible for a 4G upgrade until it is in working order.

If it is INOP, we will not just give you a new 4G board without doing repairs first.
Thats not how it works."

That could make the cost of doing the upgrade $350 + shipping both ways! Or buy a new box for basically the same price... I think I'll pass on that. If I spend a couple of hundred dollars on a product I expect it to work.

All of this caused me to look up Phillip's "shop"

Just scan to the right where the Number 64 is spay painted on the wall. It's obviously a shoestring operation. He basically puts his sticker on someone's product and sells it as his own.

2018 Donation made!

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