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Default Second Screen

Originally Posted by Tom023 View Post
A few reasons I can think of are:

- So the plane can be flown from the right for training purposes; I actually prefer flying from the right
- Inclusion of the passenger in the flight and flight processes
- Redundancy in case the left display has a failure
I actually had this happen to me last weekend. My PFD went out and I flipped the switch under the MFD to be used as a PFD. Garmin is swapping it out for a new one.

I originally did it to help others learn to fly from the right, but it sure came in handy. I use it all the time in regular flight though. When ATC tells me there is an aircraft in my vicinity, I flip to the traffic screen to find it if I don't see it out the window and it gives me a great idea of where they are. I will leave it on weather if the weather is bad, or if I am looking at the map on the PFD, I will use the sectional view on the MFD. It's also nice to have when taxiing at a strange airport, flying a procedure, etc. I love having the second screen. I also have another backup, GRT Mini, which is totally separate, but it's small and I like the bigger display if I have it.
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