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Is the inclusion of a second g3x screen more or less for aesthetics? Being on the passenger side it seems kind of out of the way and difficult to manage let alone see. Besides the fact a single g3x provides all the instrumentation you need most panel shots I see always depict the 2nd screen as just displaying the same info as the primary. Like literally just displaying engine information and using the same moving map as the PFD or fancy IFR screen.

I get the feeling the dual screen setup was popularized by Cirrus, and in their case it makes sense as the input panels are all located on a center stack below the screens somewhat like a car. Making a plane look like a lexus was a big part of cirrus's design philosophy, and they make good use of the dual screen setup by having each one run in full screen mode for their intended purpose. PFD is for instruments, MFD is for nav and it works well. But in all of these RV dual screen setups it seems like the 2nd screen will never really be used for anything. Between split screen mode on the G3X and just having your center stack occupied with your input panel the 2nd screen is just off in the distance doing nothing.

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