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Originally Posted by KeithB View Post

Nice panel Keith.

I am curious why you (and so many others) put the ELT control panel way over on the right side when with as small as it is it could easily be located somewhat directly in front of the pilot?

There could be a valid argument that it doesn't meet the TSO requirement for the installation of "in plain view of the pilot".

Another reason I wont locate them there is to avoid a curious passenger messing with it in flight and possibly activating it without the pilot noticing.

The last reason is that from my experience, the highest failure item with the ELT system is the G switch. I have replaced a lot of ELT's because they failed the yearly activation test.
If I am ever in a forced landing situation, I will manually activate the ELT rather than rely on it self activating if needed.
Because of this I want it easy to access.

Not meaning to judge....
Just seriously curious what makes so many people locate them almost out of reach.
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