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Default RV-8 3-point skittishness

Originally Posted by scsmith View Post
I agree on all points. Sounds like our -8s are much the same. Although the issue with 3-pt landing the -8 doesn't seem to me related to it being nose heavy. I don't have any trouble getting the nose up. I can trim for 85 mph (75 kts) and just round out and hold it off. I can absolutely nail a 3-pt attitude, and just grease it on. Then the problems come. The issue is that it is still flying, even though all the wheels are touching the ground. It is squirrely and skittish, no weight on the wheels to brake, not much positive feel that it will go where you point it. One doesn't have much of a feeling of being in control. Rounding out to a wheel landing seems so much more positive.

I appreciate the affirmation that a few posts, like yours, has given me - I'm pretty comfortable with my strategy, and it is nice to hear others doing about the same. I sometimes have wondered if it is just me and/or my -8 that seems to want to land faster than some people quote.
Same for me in my old -8 with the CS BA Hartzell. It's odd that folks used to talk about the RV-8 tail shake at stall, but not referenced much as it relates to landing. I think that skittish-ness is exactly that. I would always notice that on three point landings. Less so on a flap-less landing.

I would fly the approach from base to final at 90 mph at idle power and be down to 80 mph in the round out. And almost always do a greaser tail low wheel landing. In my buddy's 8 with a CS Whirlwind 200RV for the same approach I have to keep in some power or the sink rate is much higher than with my old 8 with the same exact size pattern. Clearly more flywheel effect with the Hartzell.

It's always solid and stable on wheel landings. If you three point the 8 it gets skittish possibly due to buffet on the tail (aka: the tail shake). I could always three point 4s and 6s no problem.


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