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Originally Posted by -goose View Post
Bob I completely agree that this forum is an invaluable tool for deciding how to move forward with all sorts of challenges that arise during a build, once you learn how to filter out the valuable opinions from the rest that mean well. But as others have indicated, in no way can it constitute technical support. That can only be provided with any authority by Van's. In my opinion.
It all depends on what you mean by "technical support". For structural issues I often respond to posters by advising them to go directly to Vans. But very few threads started on VAF are about genuine structural issues.

We need to get this in perspective. I have just looked through the entire first page of "Today's Posts". That's 62 threads and I doubt that there's one thread question that needed to be referred to Vans. There's not a serious "structural" question among the lot. However if VAF did not exist then Vans Aircraft would be bombarded with most of these questions. Every day they'd be getting hundreds of emails from builders asking trivial questions such as: "How do I stop getting smileys on my universal rivets". That would constipate Vans Support and I doubt that they would enjoy that.

I fully understand that there is a fair bit of dubious advice given on VAF and Users really need to be able to sort out the wheat from the chaff. I acknowledge that, but we should not lose sight of the fact that the upside to VAF massively outweighs the downside for both Users and Vans Aircraft.
Bob Barrow

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