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Originally Posted by bkervaski View Post
The forum is a huge marketing tool for Van's because it increases that comfort level and reduces the path of resistance by providing timely answers by experienced builders .. for free.
Bill, you've stepped into this thread and hit the nail on the head first up. There's no question that VAF is a massive marketing tool for Vans Aircraft on several levels. It's now probably their major marketing/sales tool....and it costs them nothing.

VAF will also be saving Vans Aircraft significant money by bearing the brunt of technical support. I wouldn't be surprised if VAF deals with over 90% of builders' technical queries these days. That will be reducing Vans payroll.

So VAF is assisting Vans Aircraft to increase their sales and reduce their overheads at the same time. All for free.

However I have observed in my life that quite often people who get things for free do not fully appreciate the value of the gift they are receiving.
Bob Barrow