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Wow, that helped a lot!! Thanks.
I am aware of the unique needs of the Rotax, and will certainly download manuals, all I can get. For today all I wanted to do is get some fresh oil and filter on it.

QUOTE=Jolly;1179976]Rotate the prop first to get the tank gurgle. This pushes the excess oil back to the tank from the crankcase. If you fail to do this you might over fill the tank later and just make a mess all over the asphalt. Remove the oil tank drain plug and drain the oil. Fill the tank with 3 liters of Aero Shell Sport Plus 4. The containers come in liters. Do not put in less. 3 liters fills the new oil filter and puts the level at the top of the flat area on the dipstick. Don't forget to safety wire the oil tank plug. Remove the old oil filter and install the new one. After the oil filter starts to touch the case housing rotate the oil filter 3/4 turn. You most likely won't get this without a wrench. Then remove the magnetic oil plug and look for long slivers, chunks of metal or if it looks like it has a beard. If it has a few specs here and there that is normal. There is a Rotax SB out on this with pictures. Replace the magnetic plug and safety wire. Now that every thing is back in place and oil in the tank rotate the prop approximately 20 times. This will help pre fill the oil filter and help relieve any air in the system. The Rotax oil filter has a check valve in it and can't be pre filled. Some air is okay. Now you can start the engine if you want.

Hope this helps.[/quote]
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