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Originally Posted by edsong View Post
Did you notice your tailwheel turning at the end of the video?
When I was in phase 1 my brother routinely flew next to me and always said my tailwheel was turning. Albeit slowly.
Yes - They always seem to do that. The RV tailwheel is the second one on the aeroplane both the stock vans one and the Lightweight one spin in every video I have of them. Same on my Pitts.

For what it's worth I think it's down to the airspeed differential close to the underside of the aircraft (slower) versus further out (faster) - All the video I have shows the wheels spinning in the same "normal" direction, but never at high rotation speeds strangely.

I'd love to see what happens with the main wheels - I could imagine them spinning quite fast due to the spats enclosing the top part of the wheel.
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