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Originally Posted by mbauer View Post
... holding about one foot off until it finally stalls for a three pointer. This is a done using a normal approach distance, altitude pattern for a Cessna 172 or Piper Cherokee.
Ouch. If I held my -6 a foot off the runway until it stalled for a 3-pointer, i'd bang the tailwheel first, and get a heck of a bounce off the mains.

Only one post has mentioned using power. Curious if using power on base and final is normal?
Depends whether you want to fly a 3 degree glideslope, or glide it in at the airplane's natural glide angle. I was taught that you should be able to make the runway from anywhere in the circuit if your engine quits, so I try to set myself up so that when I remove power, I won't need it again... So gliding in, no power, for me.
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