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Smile CAFE report

Originally Posted by DNeufeld View Post
If I'm fairly close in downwind probably 45 deg looking down at the runway abeam the numbers and pull the power all the way at that point it's a steep descent working the flaps in base and final to make it to the runway with a CS. It's good fun and practice!

I'd say the glide ratio of my 6 with power off is more like 6 to 1 with the CS? Just a guess. Compared to a 172, it's a brick!
Using the numbers in the old CAFE report for a -6A (fixed pitch, O-360)

70 kts - glide ratio 5.8:1 (minimum sink)

92 kts - glide ratio 11.4:1 (maximum L/D)

So it seems like you need to keep the IAS up to get the previously mentioned 11:1 or so glide ratios.

Not really defined in the report, but I assume no flaps.
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