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Originally Posted by RFSchaller View Post
. . .Now it is interesting that the FAR says it must be "operable", not airworthy or TSO'd. The actual TSo for ELTs would seem to indicate the battery must meet the manufacturer's spec as demonstrated for TSO compliance. If I found a cheaper battery that matched the spec I would use it and would argue the TSO is met. if not it would still be "operable" even if not in compliance with the TSO.

In the nuke world I come from we used to do operability analysis all the time when something wasn't quite right. If we could show the design basis was met it was operable.
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I find it interesting that we pilots love to deride the FAA for all manner of things, including the rules they bring forth. Then in the very next breathe chastise a fellow pilot for 'violating' those very rules.

It is my fervent belief that, no matter how well intentioned the original purpose for the FAA TSO concept, the truth driving TSO's is based more on profit rather than safety in today's overly regulated world! TSO's have done more to create government sanctioned monopolies than they have moved the industry toward safety.

My unsolicited .02 on the topic. . . but now that I hit the submit reply button I keep thinking maybe I should learn to keep my unsolicited opinions to myself. Oh well, guess I 'done gone and done it' anyway! Y'all Live Longer and Prosper!

Live Long And Prosper! 🖖🏻
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