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Default VAF forum emails from (unknown sender)

Whenever I get emails from the VAF forums (for PMs, subscribed threads, etc), Gmail flags them as (unknown sender) and marks them as spam. Google's reason: "It is in violation of Google's recommended email sender guidelines. "

A snippet from an email header of a VAF email gives some clues:

From: "VAF Forums" <>
...and then further down..
Return-Path: <>
Maybe the blank From address or blank return path have something to do with it? I googled "vbulletin messages marked as spam" and found this

It says:
You may want to try to change the webmaster email to an email address from your domain name. You should also try the -f option and if that does not work, you can request that your host check their mail settings/error logs or contact gmail to determine why you are being flagged as spam.
Doug, it would be great if you could fix this.
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