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Default Timing couldn't be better!

Deb, Scott,

Thanks so much for (re)posting this. My wife and I are heading out for Oshkosh on Thursday and spending 5 nights in a rental RV (sadly, of the 4-wheeled type) to immerse ourselves in Airventure. We are in that exact same spot you described at the beginning of your story...I am enthusiastically shopping for the "right fit" and she is cautiously and patiently waiting for me to make the selection, place my deposit, and begin the project.

Like you suggest, I am being VERY careful to include her in the kit selection process. After all, if mama's not happy, NO ONE IS HAPPY! This aircraft is, like yours, going to be our own little time machine. Making this great nation smaller, getting her back to see family more regularly, and teaching us things about ourselves and each other we simply need to know. Wherein she is already a regular flyer with me, and she has suggested she'll participate in the build, she also enjoys the creature comforts while traveling so I suspect I'll have to include some in-cabin niceties...or dial back her O2 a little bit! ;p

Thanks so much for your insight and for giving us some perspective on how to persevere in this clearly delusional endeavor!!
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