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Originally Posted by Jamie Aust View Post
I still have an AFT CofG, even with 3/4 full of fuel. im at 81.7" Arm

What are my options to put more weight up front ? Im after best bang for buck, I dont want to have to go to CS prop. I think I can get a Landol CG ring for around $450, I already have a heavy starter.

How about some lead bolted to the engine ?


The aft limit of the RV-7A is 86.82".

If I put 30 gallons of fuel in the tanks with nothing else loaded, the CG is at 80.74. Yours is at 81.7, about an inch aft of mine.

My weights came in at 417, 412, and 244 up front. What are your weights?

I am somewhat restricted in carrying baggage with more than 400# in the seats plus the CG moves aft as fuel is burned off. Its easy to take off in limit and land out of limit.

You will be restricted also but you should be able to fly the test flights while you come up with a way to add some weight up front. With 30 gallons of fuel and a 200# pilot, I calculate your cg will be at 84.04 well forward of the 86.82 limit. Landing with 10 gallons of fuel, the cg will be at 84.31.
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