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Originally Posted by jaybob View Post
Used TurboCAD on my last project but don't recommend it. I hate the idea of starting over from scratch. Does anyone have a few example ExpressSCH source drawings they can share? PM me please.

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I prefer TurboCAD and find it useful for other, non-schematic uses, such as making final panel shapes with cut-outs to send to Up North Aviation for fabrication.

If you use TurboCAD make sure you have a nice size grid turned on and the lines will snap nicely into place. The "Rubber Stamp" function is easier and quicker to use than "Copy".

Personal preference, but I prefer smaller multi-sheet schematics that I can print at home on my tabloid size printer. It does need a consistent sheet-to-sheet labeling system to be created and used. I was told this was the way the Navy likes their schematics since they didn't have room for the industry standard E-size paper (34 x 44 inches) on board a carrier. A B-size (11 x 17 tabloid) PDF is also easier to read on a laptop screen.

If anyone is using TurboCAD, I have a sheet of symbols and a few sample sheets already made that will speed up the schematic drawing process. Private email will get you a copy.
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