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Default RE:MT-RTG set up!!!!

While I await the FCC call sign I am planning for / purchasing the stuff / and getting ready to install the MT-RTG in my RV7A.

What follows is my first blush notion on where to install the tracker.

Port side baggage wall with the MT-RTG velcroed on the side wall. Electrical will be provided by a SteinAir supplied cigarette lighter (power point) receptacle (installed on the F722 Bulkhead) connected to a switch on the panel. The antenna will be 1/4 wave whip on the belly just aft of the main spar on the port side (Sam B. style). The antenna to MT-RTG will be connected by RG-6 coax (would probably use RG-58 but can't find any locally). The GPS puck will sit just aft of the bow on the F757 gusset. (???? I am not sure if this will give a clear veiw of the sky.....)

My reason for this set up was ease of wire/coax runs. Ease of portability. Clean/out of the way installation position???????

My second option is jpole with the MT-RTG and GPS in the wing tip. My main problem with this is portability. Electrical setup complications.

Third option is to put the MT-RTG behind the panel. Ease of elecrical setup. GPS on the glare sheild. Antenna ????????? Coax runs not as convient wheather to the wing tip (jpole) or the belly whip antenna.....

Any ideas, suggestions, novel approaches, ......... that I may have over looked.

Frank @ 1L8 ..RV7A.. Flying getting ready to track!!!!!!!!!
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