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Welcome Charles.
Excellent customer service from Cleveland.
I have a few suggestions.
1. Find a local builder and build the tool box or use scrap, with the mentor using your tools. You will learn so much and save errors. You'll make plenty later so there's no reason to start off with mistakes.
2. Look for a class if you can't find a local mentor. Also, try watching some of the EAA Webinars. Good stuff.
3. Join EAA and a local chapter.
4. Search VAF. No matter how weird something seems. Someone here has done it and probably explained it. That includes getting started. Usually they found a method that's better than the Vans manual.
5. Practice on scrap with different rivets and tools. Drill out the rivets and do it again. If your fiance is interested, bring her in to practice too. Having a build partner really speeds things up.
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