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Originally Posted by DanH View Post
You're right of course. I should have said "far more hardened than any certified, military grade aftermarket control available for about $100 brand new".
Can't beat used OTS automotive hardware for the price point for sure.
With used, you could be fortunate that if it has lasted 10 years, it's going to last another 10 or 20 or unfortunate where a good portion of its life is already behind it...

Not all Ford electronics in the last decade have been great. The EDIS DOES have a good record in my experience and I especially approve of the ND pickups which are bulletproof in a fixed configuration- much more so than some other brands of OEM magnetic pickups which I consider unfit for aviation use unless you have two.

Some military applications are using COTS hardware/ software these days, well below the price range of Mil Spec electronics.

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