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For the QB it took us 14 months from first rivet to first flight. We worked about 20 hours on average per week, so about 1200 hours. However, I said "we" because I had help 90% of the time (Thanks, Phoenix ) which made a big difference.

Paint took 3 months (worth it) but I had at that point already flown off most of phase 1.

I had to build the flaps twice and lost about 3 months doing so
No judgement here, just curiosity, why does it take 3 months to build two sets of flaps?

it will be well worth the investment when I'm too old to fly anymore and it comes time to sell
We primed where required by the instructions, and a few select areas, but not everything. Observing folks who buy or sell RVs, primer doesn't seem to be a factor.
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