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Originally Posted by Champ View Post
I will probably eventually switch to in flight adj rudder pedals but will stay with the grd adg until the pain becomes to great.

Looking at what's involved I thought I could leave the grd adg tracks in place and put a UHMW strip on top of the horizontal leg with recesses for the track rivet heads, using double sided tape. The in flight slides could ride on top of this. This would raise the rudder pedals around 1/4".

Danny - I'm travelling now so can't check the drawings. When drilling out the track rivets don't the remnants drop inside the sealed space under the 8's fwd floor?
Most of the shavings end up on the floor and can simply be vacuumed up. Any part of the rivet that falls below the floor will not cause any problems, and can be removed if your 8 has the hinge attaching the cooling ramp to the fuselage in the rear. All you need do is remove one upper fairing and slide the hinge pin out to clean out the area beneath the floor.
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