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Originally Posted by tims88 View Post
Since no one else has really answered your question about static wicks yet, I'll just point out that you can find more than a few threads on the subject through the forum's the search function. There are a lot of opinions for and against them so it may or may not help much.
Thanks Tim, I can now see it is a rather debated topic for/against. I was only looking specific to the RV-10 and had not widened my search. After a broader search I see the many threads on the subject. Many hours of reading, a call to Vans, and a call to Garmin I have decided against the wicks. After speaking with Garmin support they told me they are unaware of problems on airplanes without static wicks. I do plan on installing doublers in the elevator and the ailerons so that in the event I do find myself with a problem I have half of the solution in place to solve it. The rudder already has suitable locations for install without additional doublers.

VOR/GS/LOC Antenna
I ordered a 11-06806 Comant CI-158C-2 VOR LOC GS Antenna BNC, MS35265-48 832 X 7/8 Coarse Fillister MS slotted, and AN931-4-7 Elastic Grommet AN931-4-7 from Aircraft Spruce. Vans will be shipping me 5/8" conduit, nut plates, and plastic standoff part ES-00301. When I get done with the install I will post pictures. It was also brought to my attention that once completed the top of the VS where I intend to mount my antenna "puck" will be exposed to the elements as it has no additional structure above it except the rudder. Not sure what that will look like but it will need to be dealt with.
- Tim
RV-10 VS and Rudder Done. HS on the bench.
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