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I was thinking the same thing Sam. Profit margin for assemblers is obviously a lot higher.

But hey, it could be worse folks. My other plane was orphaned after only 5yrs by a flood. It didn't help that the surviving tooling was buried. After 50yrs, she's still flying.

One thing to consider is that when a company decides to vacate a market, it opens up an opportunity for others who may not need the profit margins nor have the overhead costs. In this case Vans isn't vacating, just increasing lead time and cost while reducing inventory. Sounds like a smart business decision to me.

Originally Posted by Sam Buchanan View Post
Me thinks we are seeing a bright line being drawn between aircraft assemblers and aircraft builders.......

RV-3 Sold
RV-4 Sold
C-140 In a barn
Maule MXT-7 Sold
RV-6a Sold
Twin Comanche - Sold
RV-9 IO-360 CS, Built and Flying
J3-65 Cub - low and slow stuff
Comanche 260 - poor mans RV-10
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