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Originally Posted by Snowflake View Post
I was thinking the same thing... Which means there's about to be a scarcity of partially-built -3, -4, and -6 kits, that people will be buying and stockpiling for the future, rather than finishing into flying aircraft.
Ribs are formed at an outside vendor. I have seen the tooling. I would be surprised if Vans wouldn't allow you to contact them directly. It is a small outfit that will do one offs.
Regardless, you can fabricate a rib less lightening holes with a simple MDF form block. There are a few EAA videos on how to do it. You can cut and flange the lightening holes if you feel the need.
The plans show the rib profiles.
Although they fabricate them out of "O" or "W" (not sure) and then temper, there is no reason you can't form them directly out of T3 Sheet.
An MDF form should hold up for at least a few ribs if not more.
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