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Originally Posted by rvbuilder2002 View Post
Because of your VAF post, and because an alternate part was recently introduced, this was looked at by engineering.

The rod end bearing used at the bottom position of all RV models has always been larger overall, because a longer length is needed (a longer length is not available in the sized used at the other two positions).

The new part that you received does match the original size specs (as you already found).
The problem must be related to your lower hinge brackets.

By design, they are supposed to be further apart that the upper ones to allow for the fit of the wider bearing.

The first thing to check would be that the bend on each is 90 degrees. If they are under bent slightly, the resulting gap will be smaller than intended.
Thank you for this information. I took a closer look, in better light, and indeed the brackets were bent inward slightly. With the bearing between them, the opening is consistent from the spar back to the hole. That was the problem.
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