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I listed the parts below, but the formatting isn't good (tabs are not supported on vBulletin). So, you can also find it in a text file at the bottom of this blog post from when I re-did my own rudder.

Best to check over my list below just in case anything is missing or the parts count is inaccurate. I did not count the AD3 size rivets as I already had an adequate amount. The parts below cost me $823 before shipping back in August of 2017.

E-614-020 counterweight
HW-00004 tie-wrap clip
R-00901-L-1 skin
R-00901-R-1 skin
R-00902-1 spar
R-00904-1 bottom rib
R-00910 horn brace
R-00914 stiffener shear clip
R-00915A-1 stiffener
R-00915B-1 stiffener
R-00915C-1 stiffener
R-00915D-1 stiffener
R-00915E-1 stiffener
R-00915F-1 stiffener
R-00915G-1 stiffener
(2) R-00918 attach strip
R-405PD rudder horn
R-606PP reinforcement plate
R-607PP reinforcement plate
R-608PP reinforcement plate
R-903 rudder top rib
R-912 counterbalance rib
R-916-1 trailing edge
R-909 tip
R-911 bottom
R-00911B fairing doubler

(3) K1000-06
(2) AN470AD4-4
(15) AN470AD4-5
(10) AN470AD4-6
(6) AN470AD4-8
(49) LP4-3
(1) LP4-5
(2) MS21042-3
(2) NAS1149F0363P
(2) AN509-10R16
(3) AD-41-ABS
(25) MK-319-BS
() AN426AD3-3
() AN426AD3-3.5
() AN426AD3-4

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