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Rod ... since you have removed the ELT for inspection ... as Joe has pointed out, make sure the removed connection is not causing the GPS position source wire run back to the ELT to become shorted.

In the past, there have been posts here in the forums about the ACK ELT being prone to unwanted activation from static ... such as cleaning with a rag and touching the antenna. ACK has advised those with the issue to install a static filter on the antenna's BNC connector in line with the coax cable. ACK has told others here that this can solve the unwanted activation issue, especially if it is caused by static from cleaning. My ACK ELT came with a static filter in the box so after reading some of the posts about the ELT going off while cleaning, I just decided to just go ahead and install the in-line filter as a preemptive strike (even though I have not had an unwanted activation from my ACK ELT).

Static may not be the issue with your ELT but something you should be aware of. ACK wouldn't be including a filter in the box if there wasn't a good reason for doing so.
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