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Default Baggage floor mod fixtures

Tony Howdy, I have the baggage mod kit ready to install. But just ordered the two pieces for the floor and the kind lady at vans said thatís all that is coming. So, how do I mod the floor ? Do I make mounting flanges to screw the two floor pieces in to or is there something else to order from vans??? Thank you, Doug in IL

Originally Posted by Tony_T View Post
I am in the middle of an annual and have taken this opportunity of complete the mod to the baggage bulkhead and rear floor inspection panel that has been pioneered by others to allow inspection access without having to remove the fuel tank. Will also be doing the fuel tank reinforcement SB and installing a Moeller gauge on top while the tank is opened. Gad, this annual is getting to be a lot of work!

And this is the access with the covers off:

Many thanks to those who have gone before on this. Life should be a bit easier now. I hope to not take the tank out from now on except for cause.

The only issue I see is that Van's has never indicated whether these panels are structural or not. If they are, the mod may be a case of junior engineering a good design. If they find me face down in the trees somewhere with the tail cone a half mile from the wreck, you will know what happened and it will be all my fault and not Van's .

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