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Above are pictures of the Numatx squeezer, the c-frame i had built, and the table.

You will notice the the c-frame sticks out from the table when not in use. I have drop leafs that I can raise up when dimpling. I put carpet down to minimize scratching the sheets when dimpling.

I was a hack and could not figure out how to line up the bottom plate for the dimple die with the top one. I tried to bolt in place but that failed (you can see the holes I drilled in the plate). Instead I used two part epoxy. I put the dies in place, then used the Numatx to push the dies together. and push the lower plate into place. I think that I used a couple of clamps to make sure the lower plate stayed in place while the epoxy cure. I think that the holes that I drilled in the attempt to bolt are still useful. The epoxy goes up into them and may make it hold in place better (I might also be full of sh!t on this one).

As pictured the shear pins are held in place with a clip. Mark now has a different design that used a spring to hold in place. If i take a picture I will post.

Mark also sells a swivel joint that connects to the bottom of the squeezer, which is not pictured. I installed later.
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