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Default RVs in Anchorage

I was wanted to revive this thread and see if there are any RVs in Anchorage. I am from Arizona (going to post in that region as well) but I am in Anchorage off and on for work through the end of March. I would love to meet and see any RVs in the area. I am currently trying to educate myself on the RV lineup in advance of purchasing one. Someday I would like to build a -10 but while I wait to do that I want to get into the community. I plan to purchase an 8 or a 7 but other models are still being entertained, particularly the 4. Tail wheels are preferable but that is also still a conceptual work in progress. I have never even sat in an RV so I would love to meet and see an RV up close!

Very long time forum lurker, first time poster!

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