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Originally Posted by N941WR View Post
They still have not located him or his plane and I'm positive that had he put an APRS unit on board, he would have been found by now and possibly saved.

Bill APRS definitely has more pros then cons and it's a great addition to safety. However as Glen correctly pointed out
Originally Posted by humptybump View Post
There are lots of reasons to enjoy APRS but remember, it's only as good as our infrastructure.

Also there will be added responsibility all your flights will be mapped and archived some of the mistakes will be visible to general public in real time. I have a tracker since 2009 first it was installed on my car then when I finished my RV it went airborne and is beaming non stop ever since. Local ham police went on a war path with me one time. Once a controlled agency questioned my position and according to APRS altitude in question was not in my favor. When I am flying in the mountains of NH and Maine the track is very spotty. Few repeaters and iGates. I will test it in AK this summer I doubt it would have much usefulness there.

A switch would be a great idea but often when you need it the most the switch is off
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