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Originally Posted by mikehoover View Post
I have found that the original antenna that came with my Byonics Micro-Trak 8000FA to work great. The unit is mounted in the right wing tip with the antenna perpendicular to the wing rib, pointing outboard. I have tried another antenna but it caused my autopilot to surge on each transmission. I have an On/Off switch on the panel in case I want to fly in stealth mode.
That is a great data-point. The RTG tracker is available in a tracker/GPS/antenna combo and this would include everything needed for a wingtip installation.

I leave running on my desktop at home every time I go to the airport. My wife can glance at it and see where N399SB is located at all times.

There has been one crash with a tracker-equipped plane and even though there were witnesses to the crash the tracker provided the exact location of the crash and flight parameters leading up to the event. Very valuable.
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