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Originally Posted by skydiverlv View Post
Sure! Like they covered the new plexi window I purchased to replaced cracked Lexan. Crack appeared shortly after mounting, no connection to screw holes or edge. I am thankful that they at least moved on to a better replacement.
Another RV-12 on my field had a really tedious time with the factory replacement and no room for error on an expensive replacement part. He said the nature of this RV-12 fuel filler location is it will happen again even if you are very careful and it might be worth (if I heard it correctly) considering using the old glass to shape, form, and drill store-bought lexan (?)... Now knowing that's it is structural....I guess that's not the way to go. Sorry, I've never seen what I'm talking about and just know there are those of us that have had issues and I usually fall into the other category.....and their are those that will.

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