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Default Here's another data point...

On Feb-13 my wife flew me down to KWVI so we could look at an RV-9A for sale. The RV-12 we flew had been carefully inspected and there was no visual indication on the nose fork of any stress or cracking. The plane is in of a club of 5 people, 2 of whom were the builders. I did the wiring on it so we know this plane very well. She joined the group to have a nice cheap way to keep current and has really enjoyed it. RV-12s are magic.

Before we get a pile of replies: Yes we all knew about the SB. The plan was to replace with the new fork model at the next condition inspection.

She made a perfect landing, gently set the nose down, and taxied off uneventfully. But when we got to parking we had to make a fairly sharp turn that probably turned the nose wheel to the stop bolts. This was apparently the last straw for the nose fork and one side sheared at the weld. Fortunately, there was no prop strike and we didn't even realize it had failed until we shut down and got out.

Thanks to the fantastic builder community at KWVI for coming to our aid! Sayid and Bill quickly gathered tools, helped us get the nose wheel pant off, and assessed the problem - it was pretty obvious since the wheel was at a 30 degree angle and the fork was clearly broken at the weld.

Sayid knew of an RV-12 builder who was nearing completion and called Bob. Bob drove 20 miles to the airport to open his hanger, removed his already installed nose fork, and loaned it to us. Sayid and Bill helped us (actually we just helped them) to install and tension it and we were back on our way home just a few hours behind schedule. We removed, cleaned and UPS'ed the fork back to Bob the next day.

This is the first time we've experienced this wonderful side of the builder community in time of need and though I've been flying an RV-6 since 2007 I was just amazed and grateful to these folks. Thank you guys!
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