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Default Show Us Your Panel

Here is my RV6 panel so far - still to be wired!

Dynon D100, GPS Map 496, A210, GTX 327
Cheap Chinese ASI and ALT from Van's - We'll see how they work
UMA electric tach - feels nice
Oil P & T, Ammeter and Fuel gauges from Van's - We'll see how they work too
Alternator warning light, HOBBS, Slip Ball and ELT Control Panel
LH combined mags and start - master switch with "big red light" next to it
Bottom row breaker/switches - Alt, Boost, Electric Prime Push, Beacon, Avionics, Nav and Land - plus 3 breakers per plans
Holes for canopy release and cabin heat controls
Van's vents (??)
Light Machine Gray Rust-O-Leum Professional - Plan dry transfer labels
Compass with GPS and XM antennas on top of tip-up glare shield.
Throttle, Mixture, Carb Heat, Electric Trim and Flaps and Emergency Carb Air on RV6 "Center Console" channel

You can guess my philosophy on "glass panel only".

Light on engine instrumentation - but that's all the C172s that I fly have (?) - and there is still room on the panel.

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